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No job is too big or too small, whether you need a full social media plan drawing up with step-by-step guidance or just a couple of meetings to get you and your brand’s social media back on track, Wearsitatkat Consultancy is here to help.


Put in simple terms, consultancy is when a brand seeks the help and advice from a company or individual who is more knowledgeable about that specific area to help them improve.


We take the time to understand your brand, your customers, your target audience. We make insightful suggestions based on research and projections and where you want your social to be in any given timeframe. We monitor the competition so you don’t have to and learn how you and your brand like to work and adapt to that.


We guide you every step of the way, but what’s great is that you are still in complete control of what you post, when you post and what content you create. We are simply here in the background as a point of contact, a sounding board, offering advice as and when it’s needed.

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    Jack Ford - Thinking Juice testimonial

    “We worked with Kat recently on a film and photography shoot for a well-known British heritage clothing brand. Throughout the whole process, Kat was extremely professional and gave 110% to the project. She was also a joy to have on the shoot with her affable nature and charming Northern warmth. We hope to work with Kat again in the future.”

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